Driving Aids

Veigel Compact II

Pull-push operated

The new VEIGEL Compact II has arrived! The second generation of the successful VEIGEL Compact optimizes acceleration, surprises by its elegant design and is very easy to operate: to accelerate, pull back the ergonomically shaped handle. A slight forward push activates the brake which may also be temporarily locked.

Veigel Classic II

The second generation of a classic

2013 winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award for design, our VEIGEL Classic II hand control offers more legroom and improved adjustability of the driver’s seat. Classic series hand controls allow for convenient control of brake and gas with the right hand. VEIGEL Classic II is designed to match the interior equipment of modern vehicles. The hand control is operated by turning/pushing.

Carospeed® Menox

Carospeed Menox is a universal floor-mounted none car specific hand control that moves the accelerator and brake pedals to an intuitive hand control; pull for gas and push to brake. Thanks to Menox’s advanced design, each control is ergonomic, conforming to a person’s natural hand-wrist-arm motion. 

Each Carospeed Menox handle comes fitted with a hill holder to hold the brake pedal down. In this way hands are freed at traffic lights to change gears or tune the radio. Cruise Control frees the hand reducing muscle fatigue and allowing the driver to concentrate on driving.


A well proven pedal system highly adjustable to your personal preferences.

Left foot accelerator, Flip-up

Adds hinges to the left foot accelerator and the original accelerators, allowing for the desired pedal to be lowered into place while the other can be tucked away. Universal design that can be installed in RHD and LHD vehicles as well as in most makes and models.

Pedal Extension

Enables an extension of 10-30 cm. Adjustments can be made for distance, height and the desired space between pedals. They are also fitted with a quick release, to be easily removed. Can be installed into both automatic and manual vehicles.