Modular Seating System


The Caddy has a flexible specification and enables the prescriber to accommodate many conditions in just one seating system.

Caddy – Feature List

  • Quick Release slot interface
  • Solid seat and backrest
  • Anti-thrust seat cushion
  • Fixed pelvic supports.
  • Fixed thoracic supports
  • Sacral support


Growth and versatility wheelchair that keeps up with busy kids

Named for its built-in growth system, the Zippie® GS offers frame and component growth, standard and reverse wheel configurations, and folding and rigid frame wheelchair options to keep up with children’s ever-changing lives!

Pegaz from MyWam is a lightweight stroller. It was developed for mobile parents and children who travel often, using various means of transport.


seat width 30*/38 cm

seat depth 25 and 30 cm

backrest height 50/60 cm