Wheelchair Accessories

Back pack

  • Easy to carry compact holdall
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Ideal for personal items
  • Zippered compartment with front and back pockets

Cup holder

  • A convenient cup holder for the wheelchair user to place a mug/glass whilst enjoying a drink
  • Can be mounted to the front or side on the armrest tubing on most wheelchairs with a separate armrest
  • Requires screwdriver for fitting

Belts and Harness

RMS have developed a full range of belts and harnesses to aid a clients seating position. All our products in this range can be easily adjusted and are made from washable and breathable fabric.

Special Headrest

We offer a full range of head supports available in various sizes and shapes all offering a range of features to meet a clients specific requirements.

Leg and foot

A full range of leg and foot supports.