Pediatric Shower Commode Chairs

M2 Mini

The M2 Mini models are flexible shower / commode chairs that
easily can be adjusted as the child grows.

The M2 Mini series is developed and designed
for children and small adults who are
hard to place in a standard chair.
The chairs are ideal for children,
as several parts of the chairs can be
adjusted as the child grows.
In this way the chair can be a stable aid in the
users daily life for many years.
Since it does not need to be replaced as the
user grows.

Pediatric Showering system


Standing at a comfortable height for the caregiver, the wheeled base of the Otter Shower Stand allows for easy access to roll-in showers.

  • Quick-release locks allow bath chair to be easily attached or removed from the frame
Width68 cm (27″)
Length90 cm (35″)
Height51 cm (20″)
Product Weight4,1 kg (9.0 lb)
Weight Capacity85 kg (187 lb)